Each browser that you use for surfing online on Mac has a built-in feature for blocking unwanted ads. Or you can download a standalone application that will provide you with the same feature for all browsers at once.

Where do I find pop up blocker on my Mac?

It’s too easy to be true. Let’s start with the Safari app. Here’s where to block pop ups in this site viewer:
● Open the program and find Preferences menu;

● Open it and go to the Security tab;

● Tick the box next to the “Block pop up windows”;

● Enjoy surfing online.

Let’s take a look at another popular browser that you can use on Mac. It’s Mozilla Firefox. Here’s where to find the pop up blocker in it:
● Open the program and go to Preferences;

● Find Privacy & Security tab;

● Enable “Block pop up windows” feature;

● Have fun online.

Another way to block pop up windows from appearing on the screen is installing an application that will save you from manual configuration of all the site viewers separately. One of the popular software is Ghostery. Just a few clicks and you will add a new rule to the work of Chrome, Safari or other software that you use.

Where is the pop up blocker on Mac?

You will spend about five to ten minutes looking for the pop up blocker in every browser and enabling it for smooth and fun surfing online. Built-in features of the apps will prevent a sudden appear of a pop up ad on the screen of your Mac.