A pop up ad is a new window that appears suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s often hard to close, so people just leave the site in most cases. Here’s the easiest way to get rid of all annoying pop up advertisements that people can ever see on iPhone. Take a look a bit below plus repeat the steps for yourself.

How to use the pop up blocker on iPhone?

Start your way from going to iTunes together with installing any ad blocker that has the rating at least 3.0. For example, it may be Adblock Mobile.

It’s free, it doesn’t require any specific configuration steps from anyone. Install it and see what applications wanted to show everyone some pop up advertisements.
You set everything up on any model of iPhone from 4 to X series. Anyone can set up any browser like Safari, Mozilla or Opera. Here are the steps for everyone to set up the Opera browser manually:
● Open it, enable the ad blocker. That’s it.

As everyone can see, there’s nothing easier than preventing ads from appearing on the screen of your iPhone. So install the app or simply configure the browser that you want to use for surfing and enjoy your time online.