A pop up advertisement is a new window that appears after you make a specific action. It can be leaving a website or spending there some time. In most cases, this new window takes over half of the screen or it can even come out somewhere in the background attempting to get some personal data from your computer. A pop up blocker is an application that prevents such ads from appearing on your computer or laptop.

Where do I find pop up blocker on my computer?

When you go online, you use one or several browsers to view the content of the websites. All of them have built-in tools that you can configure to remove pop up advertisements. Another way to get rid of pop ups is installing the third-party software. We’ll describe both ways, so you could choose the right one.

Use Google to find the pop up blocker or simply download AdGuard on the computer:

● Go to the official website of AdGuard and download the app;

● Install the application;

● Try it within a trial period and buy a paid version if you like it.

Another place where you can find the pop up blocker is the browser that you use most of the time.

Let’s take Mozilla Firefox to show you how the configuration looks like:

● Open the browser and press “Cmmd + ,” to open Preferences;

● Select Privacy & Security tab and find the line with Block pop-up windows;

● Tick the box to enable it.

You can configure browsers on any operating system and on any device you have. It can be a PC, a laptop or even a mobile phone. Every browser has this feature either enabled or disabled. Check it to make sure you don’t want to see those annoying advertisements every time you open a new website.