Surfing online from one site to another one seems to be like a struggle that you are trying to win. Once you get to a great site, you see a few pop up ads that jump out in front of you. If you are using Windows 10, there are a few ways to solve this problem. The goal is to prevent a new window from coming out on the screen.

Where is pop up blocker on Windows 10?

You can use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge for viewing various websites. You can configure each of them with the help os built-in tools that block ads. Or you can download a standalone application that will work for all the browsers. Scroll down to see where to find pop up blocker on Windows 10.

Step-by-step: How do I disable pop up blocker on Windows 10?

Let’s take a look at how to configure the built-in blocker in all the browsers that you can use. Here’s what to do to get rid of pop ups if using Edge:
● Open Edge;

● Open Settings and choose Advanced settings;

● Find the line “Block pop ups” and enable it.

Here’s how to remove pop ups in Chrome:
● Open the browser;
● Go to Settings;
● Choose Advanced settings and Privacy submenu;
● Find Content settings;
● Tick the box next to the line “Don’t show any pop ups”.

If you have any other browser, the steps look almost the same. Look for the settings about the type of content that will be displayed on the screen of your device.

One more way to block unwanted pop ups is installing a standalone application. One of the most popular apps is Adblock Master:
● Download and install the application;

● Launch it and configure it;

● Add sites to the whitelist;
● Enjoy surfing online with no ads.

When using a standalone app, you get a series of benefits like blocking ads for all the browsers in a few clicks. And you get it working even if you are using virtual private networks or private sessions.

How to enable ad blocker on Windows 10?

It’s as easy as a pie. Configure every browser manually or download and install Adblock Master to get everything done in a few seconds. The application is free, so it’s worth using.