A pop up ad is a new window that comes out on the screen after you spend a specific period on the site or after clicking on some links. It’s usually annoying, so we’ll teach you how to stop such ads on your Mac.

How to block pop up windows on Mac?

There are a few ways to prevent ads from appearing on the screen. One of them is configuring each browser that you use for surfing manually. It will take two or three minutes for each of them. Another way is installing a third-party application that will make all browsers stop pop up ads without the need of manual configuration. Let’s take a closer look at both ways.

We’ll start with Safari as one of the most popular browsers for Mac. Open it and get ready to take the following steps:
● Click on the Safari -> Preferences;

● Find the Security tab and click on it;

● Put the tick next to the line “Block pop up windows” to stop all the ads.

That’s it. There’s nothing complicated here. What about other browsers? Can you do the same to stop the ads with them? Yes, the steps to take will look almost the same. The only difference that you may notice is that the name of the menu tabs will be slightly different.
How can you stop pop up ads with the help of third-party software? Let’s consider using AdBlock

Master as it’s one of the most popular apps these days. Go to AppStore and find this software:
● Find AdBlock Master and install it on your Mac;

● Follow the instruction that you see right after you open the app for the first time;

● Enjoy surfing online with no pop up windows.

How do I block pop up ads on my Mac

Surfing online can be fun only if you don’t see thousands of ads every day. To stop pop up ads is a tough task for any application, but even a built-in feature of the browser will prevent most of the new windows from popping up in front of you.