A nightmare of seeing pop up ads on the tab is easy to get rid of. Take the gadget, go online and scroll down to see the steps for saying goodbye to annoying pop up.

How to block pop up ads on iPad: four steps

Most of the pop up blockers act out as additional tools for the Safari browser. It’s good to clear the browsing history before you start using any of them. We mean cookies, cached files and any other data that was ever saved.

Here are four steps for removing pop ups from your tab:

  1. Go to iTunes and find StopAd;
  2. Install the app;
  3. Go to Settings;
  4. Find Safari and choose content blockers;
  5. Make StopAd green.

StopAd will block a pop up window in browsers, games and applications that you use on the tab. You can play games, use other apps installed on the tab and forget about annoying ads.
Here are the models of iPad that are compatible with StopAd:

  • Air
  • Air + Cellular
  • mini 2, mini 2 + Cellular
  • Air 2, Air 2 + Cellular
  • mini 3, mini 3 + Cellular
  • mini 4, mini 4 + Cellular
  • 12.9” Pro, 12.9” Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • 9.7” Pro, 9.7” Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • Wi-Fi (5th generation), Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation)
  • 12.9” Pro (2nd generation), 12.9” Wi‑Fi + Cellular (2nd generation)
  • 10.5” Pro, 10.5” Wi‑Fi + Cellular

If you don’t find your device among the models from the list, take a look at other apps that will help you remove annoying commercials. We recommend installing apps from iTunes only.

Stopping pop up ads

Save personal data and forget about pop ups with a few taps on the screen.

Go to iTunes, check the reviews and start using the app.