The online world is easy to access from any Android phone or tablet, so people enjoy their pastime or work via their mobile devices. One thing that can spoil overall experience of online surfing is sudden pop up windows that appear suddenly and unexpectedly. Scroll down to see how everyone can easily stop them on any device.

How do you stop pop up ads on your phone?

Pop up windows come out in browsers when people surf online and in other applications or games when they are using them. These ads may be safe or they can act out as malware for Android devices. There are a few ways to stop such ads from coming out on the screen. The first is configuring browsers manually or using one or several apps that will do this work for everyone.

Tips on how to stop pop up ads in Android apps

If you install free apps, there’s a high probability to see pop up windows. You can uninstall these apps right after you see the first pop up ad. But you may need this very app to be on the phone, so there should be another way out. And it’s installing a pop up stopping app that will let you enjoy using any app on the Android device.

One of the most popular apps that anyone can find on PlayStore is ADS blocker. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:
● Go to PlayStore and install the application;

● Open it and choose Apps Ads Block;

● Wait until 100% of ads are removed;

● See how many ads were blocked;

● Enjoy using Android device with no ads.

Tips on how to stop pop up ads on Android Chrome

If you use this browser for surfing online, we have a great news for everyone. You can configure it to stop pop up windows. It’s easy and it will take from two to three minutes to set up.

Here are the steps for configuring the browser settings:
● Open Chrome, click on the three dots on the right and find Settings;

● Tap on Site settings;

● Find Pop-ups and make sure you mark this feature as blocked.

Now you can go to any website to check how it works. There’s one thing for consideration. New ways of making a pop up ad visible come out, so this built-in feature of the browser may become a little obsolete. That’s why we recommend updating Chrome regularly.

How to stop pop up ads on Android device

It’s always safe to use default features of Chrome or any other browser than installing a standalone application to stop advertisements. We recommend reading the reviews on PlayStore to find out how other people are happy with this very app or not. If you stop pop up ads, you’ll visit any website or even use any app on the phone without those annoying or flashing commercials.