Finding useful software for work or something for a nice pastime is easy with Google Play Store. However, the presence of ads may ruin the overall impression from using this service. And there might be some fears that ads can turn into malware. Is there any solution for this problem? Scroll down to see it.

How to stop pop up ads on Play Store?

You can turn any easy activity into a complicated set of actions. Here we will tell you about the easiest way to get rid of the ads that you can ever face on the Play Store. It requires downloading and installing a third-party application. Here’s how to do this:

  • Get the latest version of StopAd from;

  • Install it and launch it;

  • See how many ads it can block;

  • Check the pop ups in Google Store.

There’s absolutely nothing complicated at all. Of course, you can play with the settings of your DNS or read tons of manuals on Reddit on how to protect your phone or tab from the ads. Or you can make a few taps and get everything done in a few seconds.

There are a few advantages from using such an approach. The first is blocking pop ups in the Store and in other apps you have on your device. You prolong the battery life and make the speed of the download and your surfing activities much faster.

Just a few steps to block pop up ads from Google Play

There’s no reason to suffer from tons of pop ups that jump in front of you. No one knows for sure which ads are safe and which ones can be harmful for your device. Using one single app that can save you from dozens of various pop ups is a great thing. You make a few taps on the screen of your Android device and you have the result right after installing the app.