One of the most common things that can make people leave any site is too annoying advertisement. If you want to find out how to never see such ads in the future, scroll down to see how to do this.

A step-by-step guide: get rid of pop up ads on Mac

Sites want to attract attention, make people buy something there. However, this may be distracting from what they intended to do. People get a negative experience and leave the site. If they want to have fun or get some value from visiting the sites, they can try using ad blockers or set up browsers for removing pop ups.

The easiest way for saying goodbye to the ads is installing StopAd or any similar app. Here are the steps to start using the app today:

Step 1 – Go to, download and install the app;

Step 2 – Launch the app;

Step 3 – Go to Settings and tick the lines you want to turn on;

Step 4 – Enjoy your time online.

It’s easy and it doesn’t require any extra knowledge of how to configure the settings of your browser or add some filters as you can do in other applications. This software protects from tracking personal data or hidden crypto mining on the Mac.

It’s time to get rid of pop up ads on Mac

What makes you suffer from nonstop attempts to close all the pop ups that annoy every day? Open Safari, get the app, have fun. There’s no more need to find sites where you won’t see any ads, you get the opportunity be where you want.

Spend a few minutes installing the app and enjoy time.