Have you experienced that annoying feeling when you can’t concentrate on your work because of the constant pop ups? Preparing yourself for productive work means putting all your mental strength into the task that you are doing at the moment. Work hard, play hard as they say.

We are about to explore how to enable pop up blocker on Mac and make sure that nothing distracts you.

So how to enable pop up blocker on Mac?

First of all, you should download a StopAd from the website. As always, when you work with third-party apps, you should download them from official sites to prevent fraud.

When the download is complete, click twice on the icon that appears to run the installation.

The program will ask you to allow the installation by typing your password. It’s all easy peasy and intuitive. You can enjoy your pop up free Mac now.

Where is pop up blocker on your Mac?

In some cases, especially if it’s your corporate laptop, there may be security preferences that won’t allow you to enable pop up blocker on your Mac at once. If this is your case, StopAd will show you a notification. Click the “Open Security Preferences” button and push “Allow” as highlighted in the screenshot. Now you are a popup-free person and can concentrate on your work without annoying interfering (we wish there were similar pop ups to disable your colleague’s questions).

How to enable pop up blocker in mac?

StopAd pop up blocker can be enabled and disabled at your will. After you finished working, you can turn it off and embrace the full power of engaging you in social media with the constant pop ups ringing on your Mac. But if you want some privacy again, just go to your applications and enable pop up blocker again.

The whole point of enabling pop up blocker on your Mac is to give you some privacy and time for concentration in the infoglut.  You are now again the master of your time.

Enjoy productivity!