You will find out how you can remove annoying advertisements if you use Windows 8. Scroll down to see the step-by-step guides.

Where is my pop up blocker on Windows 8?

You probably have one or more browsers installed on your computer. And one of them is Internet Explorer. You will find the ad blocker in its settings. It’s a content blocker that prevents known pop ups from jumping in front of you. A sad thing here is that developers don’t update browsers so often that they could block the latest types of the pop up ads.

How to activate pop up blocker Windows 8?

There’s another place where you can find the ad blocker and activate it. It’s Get the app from this site and follow the guide:

  • Install and launch the application;
  • Take a look at its settings;
  • Enjoy using any browser that you have on the computer.

Does seem too easy for you? There’s no need to make any complicated steps to get the result you want to see. The presence of pop ups is not very good for your device and for your nerves. If you face a lot of ads, you have a risk to get some malware onto your computer.

How to turn on pop up blocker in Windows 8?

Let’s come back to the browsers and their settings. How can you turn on the content blocker in Internet Explorer or Chrome? Go to the Preferences menu and find the corresponding line with the word “pop-up”. Enable it and enjoy your stay online.

How to turn pop up blocker on Windows 8?

To have fun online and protect your computer from malware, it’s good to use pop up blockers. Configure your browsers to block unwanted ad elements and use third-party software to make sure you will surely get rid of all the pop ups.