What comes to mind when you see an advertisement that prevents from viewing the content of the page the normal way? We’ll say about a simple app that helps to forget about these types of commercials.

How to block pop-up ads on Android apps or browser?

It may be so annoying, that you simply go away from the site and never come back there. A good ad blocker helps with navigating through any website. And we will say how to find and configure it the right way.

There are two ways for doing this. The first is configuring the settings of Google Chrome or any other browser. The goal is finding the line that activates the ad blocking feature. Another way is installing a standalone application that copes with configuring browsers itself.

Block all ads on Android in three steps

Installing an application is the easiest way for configuring the phone remove commercials and never show them on the screen. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1 – Visit the StopAd website, install and launch the app;

Step 2 – Turn it On;

Step 3 – Configure it (optional);

Step 4 – Have fun!

What are the key features of StopAd? Besides removing banners in the Chrome or Mozilla, it can also detect if search engines or criminals are tracking personal data. It can also remove those commercials that appear when using other applications. It’s lightweight, so it won’t consume memory.

How to block all ads on Android?

If you want to get rid of the most common types of advertisements in Chrome or Opera, you can use default settings. If we mean removing all ads on Android, it’s much more efficient to install StopAd for doing this job.