Content blockers are parts of every browser. In most cases, they are enabled in every of them right from the first seconds of their use. If you are not satisfied with their work, we’ll show you how to check if they are really enabled and another way to block annoying pop ups.

Where is pop up blocker on Mac?

A pop up blocker is a built-in feature of Safari, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla or any other browser you can ever install on your Mac. This feature is enabled by default when you download and install the app. Here’s how it looks like in Safari:

Another type of the blocker that you can have on your Mac is an application that you have downloaded and installed yourself. It’s the third-party software and it deals with all types of ads mostly for all the browsers and even some extra apps installed on the Mac. One great benefit that you get with such an app is regular updates, so you will not see most of the pop up ads.

How to allow pop up blocker on Mac?

To allot ehe pop up blocker in browsers, take a look at the screenshot and make sure you have the same. That’s it. What about the software that you need to install? Here are the steps to get a reliable blocker on your Mac:

  • Get the app from;
  • Download and install it as you do it with other apps;
  • Launch it and enjoy surfing online with no pop ups.

There are enough apps that will block pop ups with ease. Using them doesn’t require any payments or extra actions from your side. You will also get a little bonus like the protection from malware and any kinds of data tracking. You will also have a chance to see how many ads have been blocked. You can also prevent pop ups from jumping out in other apps besides browsers.