A pop up advertisement can spoil the visit to any website. You can click on a link or simply spend some time viewing the newsfeed. This new window can cover even the whole screen of the Mac and this is so annoying. We’ll tell everyone how to get rid of these advertisements in a few easy steps, so scroll down to see them.

How to turn on pop up blocker on Mac

Choose your way to remove pop up ads from the Mac. One of the ways is configuring the browsers while another way is installing the third-party software that copes with the ads in all browsers at once.

If you use only Safari for surfing online, you can make a few clicks and set it up by enabling the built-in feature. Here’s how everyone may do it:

● Open Safari and press “Command + ,”;

● Go to Security tab;

● Tick the box near the pop up blocker to make it blue;

● Enjoy surfing with no more pop up windows.

If someone wants to use other browsers for Mac besides Safari, the configuration steps look the same. The only difference that people may see is that the names of the menus or tabs have various names. In all cases, they tick the box to enable the default feature of the browser to block ads.
Installing and running an application from AppStore for Mac is another way to turn the pop up blocker on Mac.

Here are the steps for installing and configuring a third-party application:

● Go to AppStore and get the Ad Blocker;

● Launch and configure it the way you want;

● Enjoy your online stay.

Use any application from the AppStore that blocks pop up advertisements specifically or provides you with a series of features and services. If choosing free apps, you will get a limited number of features that comprise only ad blocking. If you make a decision to purchase a paid version of the pop up blocker, you will get some extra things like preventing third parties from collecting personal data and so on.

I want to turn the pop up blocker on my mac with ease

If you think that it’s complicated to enable the pop up blocker on your Mac, you have never tried to do this. You will spend less time on the configuration process than on reading this guide. Installing an app from AppStore is secure, so there’s no need to worry that the ad blocker will act out as some malware. And we don’t recommend installing the app if you cannot see the reviews if you wish to get it outside the AppStore.