A typical pop up ad comes out unexpectedly and covers a part of the screen of the PC. In most cases, it will not give anything useful but some irritation. If you are sick and tired of po-ups, we can help you prevent their coming out onto the screen. We’re giving a step-by-step guide, so scroll down to see more.

What is a pop up blocker on my computer?

A blocker means an application that you install and launch. This app detects the script on the pages of websites that are responsible for the appearance of a new window in some certain cases. For example, when you are viewing the page content for over 20 seconds or you want to leave the site.

The use of StopAd application is absolutely legal as you don’t intrude into the work of any web services. The goal of this software is preventing the pop up from putting in appearance in front of you. This very app can also protect computer from the collection of personal data and even from hidden crypto mining. That’s quite impressive.

Where do I find pop up blocker on my computer?

It’s not hiding anywhere, you can find it in the Downloads folder after get it from the official website. So visit the StopAd website and get it onto the computer.

Block pop up ads on PC: five steps

Choose the way you want to get rid of annoying commercials on the computer. The first variant is configuring browsers separately while the second one is using a third-parties software. We’ll give a guide with one Mozilla Firefox browser:

  1. Open the browser and find Tools section;
  2. Go to Options, pick up Content;
  3. Tick the box near the Block Popup Windows;
  4. Do the same in other browsers.

If you use several browsers at the same time or don’t want wasting time configuring the settings, the best variant is installing StopAd. It will make all the browsers show a page content with no pop ups:

  1. Visit https://stopad.io/windows for downloading the app;
  2. Install, open it;
  3. Enable StopAd on the computer;
  4. Start using apps with no ads.

How to stop ads from popping up on my laptop?

Blocking ads on a laptop will take you from three to eight minutes. You will need to visit the StopAd website, install the app and start using it. Right after you launch this software for the first time, you will never see ads anymore.