A pop up window is a kind of advertisement that comes out when you don’t expect to see it. Most often, the first thing that people want to do in this case is to close this window as fast as possible. Want to stop these ads? We’ll write how to do this.

How do I stop pop up ads?

One of the ways to stop such ads is closing them all the time. Some of them come out somewhere from the background, so you don’t even notice them. Some of pop up windows can be as a standard commercial or a malware that will track personal data on the computer or phone. How can one block such advertisements? There are two ways.
The first is configuring each browser separately for recognizing and blocking these types of advertisements. Another way is installing a standalone application that will block commercials in all browsers in all types of sessions. Mind that manual configuration of web viewing apps doesn’t work for private sessions or when using VPN.

Steps to stop pop up ads

Configuring browsers takes a lot of time while installing a standalone application takes about a few minutes from start to finish. Let’s take a look at each way for more details.
If you spend most of the time in Google Chrome, start with it. Just go to the Settings menu and set the browser to block ad windows. Do the same in Mozilla Firefox, in Opera, in Safari or in Internet Explorer depending on the OS. Such a configuration will stop about 70% of most common types of commercials.
Another way is installing StopAd as a standalone application. It will work as an ad blocker inside all the web viewing software and in other application that you use on any device. You won’t see commercials when chatting via Skype or playing games. This software is often updated, so it is likely to stop banners for a very long time when you’re going online.

Use StopAd on a mobile phone, a tab, a PC or Mac. There are no strict system requirements for the device. However, it won’t work on old models. But once you install it, you won’t notice the work of the app as it doesn’t consume much memory or battery. Here are five reasons to install StopAd for blocking advertisements inside web viewing software:

  • It works for all the software;
  • It works for all types of sessions;
  • Stop pop ups inside other apps besides browsers;
  • Get everything for free;
  • Spend a few minutes on configuration.

How do you stop pop up ads?

Install StopAd to block all types of new ad windows and use it every day. Or configure every browser separately. Blocking commercials happens before seeing the ad, so you will continue viewing page content of favorite websites without any distractions.